Andi is growing up. The Circle C Milestones series span Andi's life from age fourteen to nearly eighteen years old. A whole new cast of characters (as well as beloved ones from the Circle C Adventures) surround Andi and give her plenty of opportunities for adventures that include not only joy and excitement but also heartbreak and loss--just like real life. 
One of the biggest events in Andi's life is Justin's marriage to Lucinda (Lucy) Hawkins. Andi doesn't like the idea much, since it means her beloved oldest brother and confidante will move to town and begin a new life. However, when little Samuel James appears on the scene (Book 3), Andi has not only accepted and come to love her new sister-in-law, but has also discovered she loves babies as much as she loves horses. 
Andi Carter
Justin and Lucy
Macy Walker is a rough-edged teenager Andi has the misfortune of sitting beside in class during the last few weeks of the spring term. Through a series of surprising events, the two girls become friends. And Andi discovers there's more to Macy than what she shows on the outside. 
Macy "before" and "after"
Cory Blake is growing up too. He leaves school at age fifteen, after graduating from the 8th grade. By the time Book 3, The Last Ride, rolls around, Cory is working full time with his father at their livery stable in town. Being the only Blake son, he will one day take over his father's business, and he is content with being an excellent horseman and liveryman. Andi and Cory remain good friends, and while Cory might like to take their friendship to a new level, he knows Andi would never be happy exchanging ranch life for the life of a livery-owner. 
To be continued
Check back often to see new characters added as the books come out. 
Andi's palomino mare, Taffy, foaled twins, one of which Andi kept. Shasta is a striking chocolate palomino colt and Andi's pride and joy. 
Gerald Foster, Fresno's grammar schoolmaster, has been Andi's "burden" since the fall of 1880 when she nearly ran him down in an impromptu horse race with her friend Cory. It took a full year and a courageous decision to save his daughter Virginia before Mr. Foster realized Andi was not trying to be disruptive or unladylike purposely. By the time Thick as Thieves rolls around, Mr. Foster and Andi are on much better terms. He is a good teacher although very strict. He demands excellence both in the classroom and outside.  
Macy's three brothers are Ty, Jase, and Rudy. Ty is the oldest and the most level-headed. Jase is the follower, and Rudy, the redheaded giant of a man, is downright scary. They tolerate Macy as long as she does what they tell her. She would like to go back to Arkansas, but Ty refuses to let her come under the influence of their "Bible-thumping" Aunt Hester. 
Mr. Gerald Foster
Ty, Jase, and Rudy 
Sid McCoy is the Circle C ranch foreman and has been a faithful ranch boss for nearly twenty years. James Carter hired him and Sid continues to give valuable advice to Chad and Mitch about running the ranch. He also gives Andi advice, which does not find to be near as valuable. She knows he means well, but he is a bit of a meddler. He is Riley Prescott's uncle (Riley from the Circle C Beginnings). 
Sid McCoy
Hired on as a temporary trail hand for the upcoming cattle drive, Toledo McGuire is an excellent cowhand. He keeps the cattle in line with his knotted rope end, which is hardly ever out of his hand. He can also trick ride on his superb horse, Sultan. Toledo is good at what he does and he knows it. Andi hopes to get to know him better, mostly so she can get a chance to ride Sultan, whom she admires greatly. 
Toledo McGuire
Daniel Carter
In The Last Ride, Daniel Carter is seventeen and a half years old and the bane of Andi's existence. Tall and blond, Daniel looks enough like Mitch to be his twin, but the resemblance stops there. This Carter cousin is the antithesis of honor and hard work. In and out of trouble in New York City, Uncle Benjamin and Aunt Lydia send Daniel west to learn the value of hard work and responsibility. They think the Circle C ranch is just the ticket to their wayward son around. They are wrong.  
Riley, Andi's childhood playmate from the Circle C Beginnings, returns in The Last Ride as the newly hired wrangler to work with the young colts. Andi doesn't recognize her old friend and barely remembers him. And she's not happy when busy Chad insists she let Riley help her work with two-year-old Shasta. Andi doesn't think she needs any help. Riley remembers Daniel from the time Andi's father passed away and his negative impression has not changed since that day ten years ago.   
Riley Prescott
Riley - age 8
Circle C Milestones Characters
The Further Adventures of Andrea Carter
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