Susan K. Marlow
The further adventures of Andrea Carter
Andrea Carter is back in a new series for ages 12 and up. More exciting adventures with an older, teen Andi, who is growing up in 1880s California. Will she realize her dream of helping run the Circle C ranch? Or does God have other plans for this plucky young woman? 

Follow Andi from age 14 to 18, as she gradually discovers that breaking wild horses is far easier than growing up . . . and falling in love. 
Courageous Love, Circle C Milestones Book 4:
Coming January 2017
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Nothing gives Andrea Carter greater joy than to know she’s pulling her own weight on the Circle C ranch. Unless it’s racing Shasta or learning to stunt ride with the help of her brother Chad’s new wrangler, Riley Prescott. After an afternoon of riding practice, complete with a humiliating spill, the two head home. They quickly stumble onto a mysterious cut in the fence surrounding brother Mitch’s special breed of calves. And that’s just the beginning . . .

A cryptic warning follows, delivered via a brick through the plate-glass window in town, where Chad's engagement party is in full swing. Then cattle begin to sicken and die, and the horse barn catches fire. Who are these mischief makers, and why have they targeted Andi’s family?

When evidence points to escaped prisoners whom big brother Justin prosecuted years ago for robbery and murder, none of the Carters feel safe. Andi offers to stay in town with Justin’s family while he’s away. Little does she realize they are being watched. 

A few days later Andi, Justin’s wife, Lucy, and baby Samuel are kidnapped as part of the outlaws’ plans for revenge. As Andi and her family are carried far away from everything they know, her hopes are pinned on Riley—the last person to see them before they vanished. Can Riley find Andi before she disappears forever?​
Circle C Milestones
Susan K. Marlow

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